The Authors
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Matthew Woods


Since the age of seven, when Matthew watched his first episode of Dragon Ball, animation and storytelling have enthralled him. Throughout his life, he’s drawn fan-fiction comics of his favorite characters and written original stories featuring his own. As a trained multimedia artist, holding a Master’s degree in film-making, Matthew is a dreamer dedicated to bringing exciting stories to life.

Mike Cerisano


Mike Cerisano is a New York City-based filmmaker. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. After graduating, Mike worked as a stagehand for Production Resource Group. More recently, his work at Reproductions as Senior Editor and Cinematographer allowed him to film, produce, and edit projects of varying subject and scope. This year(2020), his & Mauricio’s pilot, After Life, is screening across the country at several film festivals. He has also shot many other projects, including the short film, RAW PIECES, which screened at the Big Apple Film Festival recently and the web series Insomnia.


Mauricio Marces 


Growing up, Mauricio Marces spent far too much time playing video games, watching Cartoon Network’s Toonami, and pretending sticks were swords in the woods of Virginia. It wasn’t until college (where he got a degree in Theater, aka complicated pretending) that he was introduced to comics, started playing D&D, and realized his passion was storytelling. With his inner nerd fully unleashed, he moved to New York City and has been producing and directing various film projects. He still plays way too many video games.